26/03/20 ZAB-ACH4


VOCABULARY: Who do you say in English…? Experiences vocabulary

-Teacher’s own exercise



LISTENING: Are you a summer camp action hero? + The Universal Rap

-Student’s Book: page 76 ex. 1 + page 77 ex. 1

READING: Key answers from the listening

Student’s Book: page 76 ex. 2

SPEAKING: Describe your crazy adventures to the class

-Student’s Book: page 76 ex. 3 + page 77 ex. 4

GRAMMAR: Complete some sentences using the present perfect (exercise)

-Student’s Book: page 77 ex. 3


HOMEWORK: WRITING: Write four sentences with the verbs eat, swim, visit, see telling to the classmates something about an experience you had.

-Teacher’s Book: page 235 Continuous Assessment activity