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Datos Personales

* Todos los campos son obligatorios


1. There is only a _________coffee left.

2. John is ____________ person I know

3. It’s ____________ to save part of your salary each month

4. She goes to work _______ bicycle

5. The cost of living has recently

6. Don’t help him. He can do it by ______________

7. You haven’t ________ many mistakes

8. The car is very ________ . It uses very little petrol

9. He left without saying _____________

10. The meetings always begin ________ time

11. He writes very ___________

12. The employees wish to present _______ united front to the management

13. . He had to money ___________ from the bank

14. The tables are made ____________plastic

15. He sold his shares just ____ time, before the market crashed

16. If you want to find a job, look at the ________ in the newspaper

17. She ______ to the airport at 5 o’clock

18. The advice he gave me was ____________

19. The strike resulted in the ________ of the factory

20. My car’s ______________. I must get a mechanic

21. The radio is too loud. Please turn it _______________

22. They launched the new product ___________ the fall in demand

23. Highly skilled people are able to ______________ a high salary

24. He was so tired. He stopped _________ down

25. “What does he do for a living?” “He _________ a manufacturing company.”

26. Don’t believe him ___________ he’s very persuasive

27. She hasn’t got any money. I haven’t got any ____________

28. It depends _____ you

29. “Do you know what the current exchange rate is?” “No, I’ll ____________ in the Financial Times.”

30. It was _______ beautiful painting.

31. What colour _____ your car?

32. Money is very important to _______ people

33. That is the sales director and next to him is the marketing manager. They are _____ French

34. They are accustomed ____ eating the local food

35. He ____ me he would come to the meeting

36. She lost her pen and asked us to look ___ it in our office

37. In Switzerland, people need money to live on

38. They didn’t give us _____ news about the car crash

39. Mercedes, Ford, Nissan and Rolls Royce are all _____ of cars.

40. Early retirement is a way of cutting the workforce _____avoiding redundancies

41. Petrol ________10% cheaper 5 years ago. (BE)

42. Jenkins Plc_________ the market last year. (ENTER)

43. John used _______________________for a tobacco company. (WORK)

44. “Can you come on Saturday?” “No, I’m sorry. We ____________next weekend in the country.” (SPEND)

45. “Where ______Mr Greenall ________?” “He works in Washington.” (WORK)

46. Hurry up! It’s time we ____________or we’ll miss the train. (LEAVE)

47. Despite production difficulties, they ________________________launch the new product last month. (BE ABLE TO)

48. The number of unemployed people ________________ at the moment. (INCREASE)

49. When the telephone rang, he ______________________________in his office. (WORK)

50. The market research survey indicates that there ____________definitely ________a greater demand for these products in the future. (BE)

51. They really ought ________________ more money on advertising. (SPEND)

52. Smoking ___________________in many restaurants nowadays. (FORBID)

53. As well as products in the U.K., the company _____________________ exports to other parts of Europe. (SELL)

54. By the end of this year, the company ___________________________ in existence for over twenty years. (BE)

55. Water _________________at 0C. (FREEZE)

56. He’s a pensioner now. He ________________ast week. (RETIRE)

57. You’re late. We ___________________for ages. (WAIT)

58. I couldn’t speak to him because he ____________________ to the meeting yesterday. (COME)

59. I _________________walk if the bus hadn’t arrived. (HAVE TO)

60. I didn’t read the book you lent me as I realised I _________________ it before. (READ)

61. The Managing Director ___________________in the U.S.A. since January. (BE)

62. They ________________ two new products since last year. (LAUNCH)

63. Fifty employees _____________________ redundant last year because of the increased use of technology. (MAKE)

64. It is unlikely that income tax ___________________until next year. (REDUCE)

65. I wish I ________________ a new car last year when prices were lower. (BUY)

Información sobre tratamiento de datos personales
De acuerdo con lo dispuesto por el Reglamento General de Protección de Datos y por la Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos Personales y garantía de los derechos digitales, le informamos de las siguientes cuestiones relativas a los tratamientos que hacemos de sus datos personales:
Responsable del tratamiento: STAGE IDIOMAS, S.L., con NIF nº B01739754, y domicilio en calle Oyón nº 49-Bajo, C.P. 01015 de Vitoria (Álava); correo electrónico:
Finalidad del tratamiento: le informamos de que utilizaremos los datos personales que nos proporciona a través de este formulario para gestionar la prueba de nivel de idioma que realiza.
Datos personales proporcionados: los datos personales que recabamos a través de este formulario marcados con asterisco son los necesarios para gestionar su prueba de nivel de idioma de tal forma que está obligado a facilitarlos por lo que, en caso contrario, no podremos atender su solicitud.
Legitimación del tratamiento: la base jurídica que legitima el tratamiento de sus datos personales es que el mismo es necesario para la ejecución de la relación jurídica que nace al rellenar este formulario y, por tanto, para gestionar la prueba de nivel de idioma que realiza.
Destinatarios de los datos: los datos personales que nos proporciona no se comunicarán a ningún tercero salvo que fuera necesario para el cumplimiento de obligaciones legales. No obstante, para algunas cuestiones de gestión de la información utilizamos servicios de terceros, que actúan como encargados del tratamiento, con quienes hemos firmado el correspondiente contrato de tratamiento de datos de acuerdo con lo dispuesto por el artículo 28.3 del RGPD.
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Reclamación ante autoridad de control: puede presentar una reclamación ante la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, bien a través de su sede electrónica o en su domicilio, en calle Jorge Juan, nº 6, C.P. 28001 de Madrid.